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Ancient China to today: Understanding Modern China by examining the themes of empire, and imperialism.

March 27 - April 14, 2023


Grades 9 - 10



Skills Learned:

Discussion-based learning with an emphasis on note-taking and class participation; and argumentative writing (through in-class quizzes, discussions and debate).


Classtimes will be coordinated between the Lead Teacher and Partner Teacher

Session Length:

March 27 - April 14, 2023

Number of Sessions:

1 of 1


Course Program:

This course begins with a brief examination of ancient China (religions, philosophies and dynasties) to understand the underpinnings and development of ancient Chinese society. This background then informs the context by which students will then study and analyze the impact of foreign involvement in China.

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Oris T. Bryant

Oris T. Bryant has been an educator for a total of 18 years. Raised in Mattapan and after graduating from Brown University with a law and public policy degree, he began his teaching and coaching career in New Hampshire. After six years in education, he attended Rutgers Law School - Newark and practiced corporate law for several large Boston law firms. Returning to education in 2010, he has worked at the Noble & Greenough School for the last eleven years. His responsibilities include: social science and humanities teacher (grades 9-12), coaching varsity basketball, advising students and student groups, such as Mock Trial, and working with the school’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department. He has been married for twenty years and has three children (19, 17, 14). In his spare time, Oris loves to shoot hoops, read science fiction, write and watch movies.

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