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Career Connections


Grades 6 - 8



Skills Learned:

Career Exploration, Self Discovery, Research


Classtimes will be synched to your course schedule

Session Length:

60 minutes (1 hour) meant to be asynchronous and used at the teacher's pace

Number of Sessions:



Course Program:

In these interactive learning videos, students will hear from diverse professionals in STEM, Finance, and Civic Engagement as they share their career journeys and expertise. Teachers may embed these videos into existing units or build an entire project around the engaging content.

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Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools works to help all students to thrive in school and beyond through hands-on learning and career mentors. We believe that if all students have experiences and relationships that ignite curiosity and build confidence, this will help them develop into the next generation of leaders. We work at the individual, institutional, and community level to build capacity by expanding experience-based learning and mobilizing diverse career mentors. This system helps students to develop critical knowledge and skills, develop supportive relationships and create career pathways.

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