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Debating the Role of Race and Equity in Current Events


Grades 7 - 12



Skills Learned:

Students will develop critical thinking, argumentation, and collaboration skills. Students will be able to: (1) interpret and evaluate a variety of evidence, including textual, image, and video; (2) develop, question, and respond to arguments about the role of race and equity in current events.


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Session Length:

60 minutes

Number of Sessions:

4 weeks


Course Program:

Through this engaging and exciting course, students will participate in discussions on current events through the lenses of the Constitution and other historical artifacts, such as Jacob Lawrence’s “Struggle” art series. Bringing together historical context, current events, and personal experiences, students will discuss their perceptions of the underlying influences and causes of current political and social issues. Due to the dynamic nature of the media, this course is adapted to reflect current events while also weaving in historical artifacts that provide students with context and history behind the nature of race and equity in the United States.

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Boston Debate League

Boston Debate League offers debate and argumentation programs for young people in Greater Boston, with a commitment to serving students of color and other students who have been traditionally denied educational enrichment opportunities. Boston Debate League’s programs are tailored to address the educational inequities students experience and strive to create inclusive learning communities where all participants are welcome and supported in achieving the transformative, lifelong benefits of debate.

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