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Forensic Science: Blood Analysis

March 20 - April 14, 2023


Grades 9-12



Skills Learned:

⦾ Performing lab work safely
⦾Asking questions
⦾ Analyzing and interpreting data
⦾ Constructing explanations
⦾ Using math and computational skills
⦾ Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information
⦾ Specific test methods used for analyzing blood samples


Classtimes will be coordinated between the Lead Teacher and Partner Teacher

Session Length:

March 20 - April 14, 2023

Number of Sessions:

1 of 2


Course Program:

In this course, students will learn about different forensic science methods used to analyze blood evidence. Students will engage in 4 hands-on experiments: 1) conduct a presumptive test to determine if a reddish-brown stain is possibly human blood, 2) look for signs of blood using a glow-in-the-dark chemical, 3) determine blood types, and 4) analyze blood spatter patterns for area of convergence and area of origin. The required lab materials are provided free of charge and can support up to 30 students.

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Raksmey Derival

Ms. Derival (she/they) is a second-generation Cambodian woman, daughter of refugee immigrants, and mother of two Cambodian-Haitian sons. She graduated from Suffolk University with a degree in biochemistry and forensic science and worked in forensic toxicology and green chemistry labs before joining Innovation Academy Charter School. Ms. Derival teaches chemistry, green chemistry, forensic science, and science and social justice classes through anti-racist and culturally relevant lenses. She is also passionate about healing the world through kindness and science, creating positive energy in social justice movements, and empowering others to remember that they are always, and in all ways, more extraordinary than they think they are.

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