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Is There a Doctor in the House?



Grades 9 - 12



Skills Learned:

Critical thinking, problem solving, confidence, and communication skills


Classtimes will be synched to your course schedule

Session Length:

75 minutes, - Classtimes and start date flexible

Number of Sessions:



Course Program:

HMS MEDscience is an innovative high school Biology course immersing students into simulated medical emergencies. Students learn to think like scientists as they are charged with diagnosing a patient! Our science curriculum motivates students to think critically, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively in teams. We bring classroom learning into the real world with hands-on experiences, giving students the confidence they need to succeed.

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Harvard Medical School MEDScience

About Harvard Medical School MEDScience: Our mission is to address the inspiration gap in STEM education by providing students with opportunities to enhance the necessary 21st Century skills for success in their academics and future careers. Our vision is for all students,regardless of background, education, or zip code should have equal opportunities in education and the sciences.

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