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Money Talks! Let’s Make it Work for You!


Grades 9 - 12



Skills Learned:

Basic Banking, Investing, and Budgeting


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Session Length:

60 Minutes

Number of Sessions:



Course Program:

During this financial literacy course, students will learn the core tenets
of financial planning, spending and budgeting, and financial markets and
investing. This course is perfect for teens who are interested in learning more about personal finance. All of the information learned in this course will be practical and applicable to daily life. Students will ultimately learn how to create a financial plan, how saving and budgeting impact future goals, and how to invest! Money talks, so let’s make it work for you!

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About Citizens Bank

"Citizens Bank is a financial institution operating since 1892 that has served our communities with both
personal and business banking, insurance, and investment services. We strive to contribute to a better quality of life by serving the communities across our footprint through employee volunteer efforts, a foundation that funds a range of nonprofit organizations, and executives who provide board leadership to community organizations. These efforts contribute to a culture that promotes positive employee morale and provides differentiated brand awareness in the community, while making a positive difference within the communities we serve. We believe our strong commitment to our communities provides a competitive advantage by strengthening customer relationships and increasing loyalty."

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