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The First Heroes of the Early Roman Republic

January 22 - March 8, 2024


Grades 8 - 10



Skills Learned:

●Compare and Contrast Historical Government Structures To Modern Government Structures.

●Analyze The Role Of Politics In Creating An Ideal Leader And Government.

●Form Opinions And Conclusions About The Concept Of Heroism In The Ancient World.


Classtimes will be coordinated between the Lead Teacher and Teacher Fellow

Session Length:

January 22 - March 8, 2024

Number of Sessions:

1 of 2


Course Program:

Students will read stories adapted from the historian Eutropius about the first heroes of the Roman Republic (Cloelia, Cincinnatus, Horatius Cocles, etc.) and their contribution to the development of the identity of Roman leadership. Students will discuss and analyze the fundamental aspects of the early Roman Republican government and compare that knowledge to our own modern government. Students will also be able to identify the essential characteristics of the paradigm of what the ancients thought to be the “Roman Hero.” At the end of the unit, students will stage an ancient Roman election to experience the politics of the ancient Roman Republic. They will then answer reflection questions about the process they experienced and compare it to the process of campaigning and elections in the United States today.

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Daphne François

Daphne François is a middle school and high school Latin and Classical Humanities teacher at Boston Latin Academy. She has taught Latin and the Classics for 10 years both in Boston and New York. Her mission as an educator is to share her love of the Classics with students and adults alike. She is a native Bostonian and has currently been learning how to play the piano over the past few years in her spare time.

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