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Threads of History: Exploring Art, Math, and Stories in African American Quilting

January 22 - May 3, 2024


Grades 8 - 9



Skills Learned:

- Research Skills

- Verbal Communication Skills

- Creation of Function Tables from Quilt Patterns

- Formulation of Equations


Classtimes will be coordinated between the Lead Teacher and Teacher Fellow

Session Length:

January 22 - May 3, 2024

Number of Sessions:

1 of 1

This course will be part of an ongoing research study by AIR, in collaboration with CWW, the CERES Institute for Children & Youth at Boston University, and the Rennie Center. The study aims to understand teacher and student experiences in the CWW initiative, including factors influencing effective implementation, and outcomes.


Course Program:

In this course, students will dive into the world of quilting and unravel its artistic, historical, and mathematical significance, particularly in the context of African American history. Engage with us as we explore the ways in which quilting played a vital role in history such as the Civil War and navigating the Underground Railroad. Additionally, students will enhance their pre-algebraic skills through the application of quilt making and explore the mathematical foundations of quilting patterns by utilizing tables and equations.The culmination of the course will see each student crafting a quilted pillow based on a pattern of their choice or original creation, providing a tangible representation of their newfound knowledge and skills.
**Note the only tools needed for this course are a needle and thread!**

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Valencia Hughes-Imani

Dr. Valencia Hughes is a dedicated and experienced educator with a strong passion for teaching students with learning deficits and challenges, particularly those with special needs. With a remarkable career spanning 30 years in the Boston Public School system, Dr. Hughes currently serves as a middle-school mathematics teacher. Her academic journey took her from Northeastern University for undergraduate school to Wheelock College, where she distinguished herself by earning two master’s degrees.The first, a Master of Science in Elementary Education. The second, a Master’s in Special Education, which further honed her expertise in supporting students with diverse learning needs. Demonstrating a remarkable commitment to scholarship and research, Dr. Hughes pursued her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at Boston College.Driven by her unwavering belief in the transformative power of education, Dr. Hughes “Why” centers around empowering students with learning deficits or challenges to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. Her dedication, passion, and expertise have earned her the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues alike. Dr. Hughes' deep experience combined with her advanced degrees and tireless commitment to serving students with diverse learning needs, has established her as a trusted authority in the field of education. Her remarkable contributions and unwavering advocacy for inclusive education have undoubtedly made a profound impact on the lives of countless students in the Boston Public Schools system.

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