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Lead Teacher Application

You have the opportunity to join a team of talented Lead Teachers across the city to break the mold of traditional teaching and foster collaboration across classrooms in Boston and beyond!

Campus Without Walls (CWW) is a framework that leverages the power of public schools and technology to promote greater equity, access, opportunity, and liberation for all students. Through a statewide cross-sector collaboration of schools, universities, employers, nonprofits, and out-of-school-time providers, CWW will deliver a 21st-century education that is meaningful, student-centered, relevant, and rigorous. CWW uses a blended, digitally mediated approach (both virtual and in-person) to deliver instruction. The goal is for all students to be intrinsically motivated, gain greater access, and take full advantage of a wide range of learning opportunities that prepare them to thrive in a rapidly changing digital world.

Through our Lead Teacher cohort, we plan to expand and continue with our mission to serve students in middle and high schools. Through Campus Without Walls, students will have access to talented Lead Teachers across the city, skilled at providing a student-centered, culturally responsive curriculum. High student engagement and real-world, career-connected learning are at the center of this initiative.

Important Information:


Lead Teachers receive a $3k-5k stipend for participation. Applications/nominations will be accepted starting April 15th and reviewed on a rolling basis. The next cohort of CWW Lead Teachers will begin in Fall 2024!

To nominate a great teacher in Boston and beyond or to submit an application for yourself, please complete the info below, and someone will be in touch to follow up.

For more information on Campus Without Walls, please reach out to


On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, how would you rate your ability to deliver highly engaging lessons online in a virtual environment?*

So soNot greatGoodReally goodExcellent

While we would've loved to get a glimpse of you teaching in action, we understand that there are policies in place that make recording virtual Zoom teaching a challenge. Please email a lesson or unit plan that you feel best outlines your detailed approach to differentiation and virtual learning from the class you would hope to teach for CWW. This should highlight your approach to instructional planning and ability to facilitate high quality teaching.

Lesson Plan

Your application has been submitted

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