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Student Led Model

Imagine a day in the life of Tameka, a figurative student in the Campus Without Walls Student Led model:

Tameka is a student at one of our Boston Partner Schools. She wants more support for the concepts that she’s learning in her current History class.  Enter the student-led model! Tameka can log into the Campus Without Walls student portal to sign up for a supplemental History class, and now her options are limitless. The Student-Led model is very similar to Duel Enrollment.

What it is:

Engaging, responsive, and fun!




Supplemental and meaningful thematic units that serve as learning opportunities for individual students most in need of support.

What it’s not:

Boring, irrelevant, or busy work.




Credit recovery to “make up” credits from past classes. (600 × 600 px) (2).png

“I’m confused. How is this different from what Campus Without Walls is already doing?”

Good question! This model offers the same highly engaging learning opportunities as our Teacher-Led model. In this model, however, individual students can take classes specific to their needs. Whereas in the Teacher-Led model, whole classes participate.

Our Student-Led model starts in late spring. Be on the lookout for more updates!

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