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Wellness is your Right: Intersectional health and Equity for the 21st Century

March 20-May 26th


Grade 8



Skills Learned:

Critical Thinking, Analysis, Discussion


Classtimes will be coordinated between the Lead Teacher and Partner Teacher

Session Length:

March 20-May 26th

Number of Sessions:



Course Program:

Only 8% of Boston Public Schools High School students receive the minimum Health Ed requirements. As a result, students lack an in-depth understanding of important topics such as mental & emotional health, STDs, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, food deserts, racism, systemic trauma, and more.
In this module, we will explore what living a healthy life means to students and families in our communities. We will create definitions for what wellness means to us and, through that lens, address how well our systems can provide that basic human right and who is left out. Students will then identify an area of interest and create a policy addressing the inequities in healthcare.

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Zachary English

Zach has taught ESL, Spanish, Social Studies, Sex Ed, and Health and Wellness in Spain and Boston. He now teaches Spanish and Health in Wellness at the Mario Umana Academy. He is a graduate of Umass Dartmouth, attended the University of Granada, Spain, and is a Lifeguard/Divemaster for the Red Cross. He has lived all around the world and loves to bring different perspectives into the classroom to motivate students and encourage them to explore new opportunities. He loves to spend his free time traveling, meeting new people, learning new languages, and hiking. He champions nerd culture and meaningful conversations.

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