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Bridging Worlds, What Makes Me, “Me”?

January 22 - May 3, 2024


Grades 6 - 12



Skills Learned:

● Use of literary devices to enhance meaning in writing
● Elements of a short story/memoir
● Use of descriptive details


Classtimes will be coordinated between the Lead Teacher and Teacher Fellow

Session Length:

January 22 - May 3, 2024

Number of Sessions:


This course will be part of an ongoing research study by AIR, in collaboration with CWW, the CERES Institute for Children & Youth at Boston University, and the Rennie Center. The study aims to understand teacher and student experiences in the CWW initiative, including factors influencing effective implementation, and outcomes.


Course Program:

In 'Bridging Worlds: What Makes Me, “Me”,' ESL students will embark on a transformative journey
of self-expression and cultural exploration. This course will guide them through the art of crafting a
mini-autobiography, employing literary devices and creative writing techniques to eloquently
narrate their stories of who they are becoming. As they navigate the landscape of life in the United
States, they will balance the preservation of their customs and traditions from their homelands
while adapting into a new culture. By the end of the course, students will have not only honed their
writing skills but also gained a profound appreciation for the complexity of their own 'American
Dream' stories.

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Dr. Darrelle Boyd

Dr. Darrelle Boyd has been an educator in the Boston Public Schools for 33 years. She taught English Language Arts in grades 6-12 for thirty years and has been
teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for the past three years. Dr.Boyd is passionate about celebrating the cultural contributions of all students and
implementing aspects of their shared experiences into the curriculum. As a Boston Public Schools graduate, Dr. Boyd understands the plight of growing up and navigating inner-city experiences, which is why she serves as a mentor to students in academics and as a dance and track and field coach.

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