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Foundations of Practical Math: A Real-World Exploration in Pre-Algebra

January 22 - May 3, 2024


Grade 7 - 9



Skills Learned:

Students will
● Learn negative numbers as actual values

● Learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with positive and negative integers

● Understand the practical application of negative and positive integers in banking scenarios


Classtimes will be coordinated between the Lead Teacher and Teacher Fellow

Session Length:

January 22 - May 3, 2024

Number of Sessions:

1 of 1

This course will be part of an ongoing research study by AIR, in collaboration with CWW, the CERES Institute for Children & Youth at Boston University, and the Rennie Center. The study aims to understand teacher and student experiences in the CWW initiative, including factors influencing effective implementation, and outcomes.


Course Program:

Have you ever been asked the question, “When will I actually use math in real life? Look no further— this course is designed to equip students with essential mathematical skills essential for navigating real-world scenarios. This course seamlessly integrates number sense with practical banking applications, covering everything from withdrawing and depositing to proficiently managing accounts. Students will engage in hands-on experiences that reinforce learning, including the practical application of balancing a bank statement based on gains and losses.

As part of our commitment to fostering well-rounded skills, we've partnered with the Boston Debate League. Explore debate-inspired activities that not only encourage student-to-student discourse but also enhance critical thinking skills. Our approach goes beyond theoretical concepts; we present real-life scenarios where the application of positive and negative numbers is critical.

No more questioning the relevance of math —witness its practical application unfold seamlessly as your students bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-life proficiency.

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Connell Cloyd

Connell Cloyd, originally from Memphis, TN, is a seasoned educator with almost two decades of experience. He holds degrees in Child Development and Education from Tufts University. Currently teaching middle school mathematics at the Henderson Inclusion School for 13 years, Connell believes in showcasing the real-life applications of math, ensuring his students grasp its significance in daily living. Recognized with the nationally acclaimed Barbara Henry "Courage in Teaching Award," Connell, a Mattapan resident, goes beyond being an educator; he's a familiar face in the community, building strong bonds with his students.

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