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We Are Connected: Introduction to Network Science


Grades 6 - 8



Skills Learned:

Real-life applications of science, Increasing interest in STEM educational opportunities


Classtimes will be synched to your course schedule.

Session Length:

1-2 Hours

Number of Sessions:

4-8 Demo Videos


Course Program:

This course provides demo videos to assist educators in implementing interactive network science lessons targeting middle school youth. Each video focuses on different science concepts that connect students’ understanding with network science and real-life applications. In the Bucket Drumming lesson, for instance, students create their own instruments using recycled buckets and boom whackers. The instructor plays the ‘central beat’ while the students respond with their unique beats, creating rich harmonies. Students learn how different sounds interact, developing a deeper understanding of how a
network is created and its application to our everyday lives.

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The BU Center for Future Readiness

The BU Center for Future Readiness focuseson generating and translating career and workforce development research into practice and policy. The Center collaborates with education systems and youth-serving organizations that are interested in designing and implementing developmentally-appropriate and culturally-responsive career and workforce development programs and services.

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