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CWW Impact Study

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a CWW Teacher Fellow?

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Teacher Fellows choose a “minicourse,” or curricular unit, to integrate into their regular course curriculum. CWW offers a wide range of minicourses in multiple subject areas for middle and high school grade levels. The minicourses are all designed by highly experienced Lead Teachers, are rigorous and culturally responsive, and feature engaging instructional approaches. Teacher Fellows collaborate with the Lead Teacher who developed the course while implementing the curriculum in their classroom.

Who can become a CWW Teacher Fellow?

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The CWW Teacher Fellow opportunity is available for certified Massachusetts teachers who teach Grades 6-12. CWW is an excellent opportunity for any middle or high school teacher looking for ways to enhance their curriculum with more relevant, engaging lessons. Whether you are new to teaching or have taught for many years, CWW is perfect for you! If you hope to bring something new to your classroom, collaborate with other teachers in your state, inspire student agency, and/or feel strongly about equitable opportunities for students, sign up today!

What is the Campus Without Walls Impact Study? 

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To better understand how CWW provides a meaningful experience that positively impacts student learning and engagement, CWW has partnered with researchers at American Institutes for Research (AIR) and Boston University to conduct an impact study. Participating in the study as a Teacher Fellow will allow you to experience CWW (either in the spring or fall of 2024) and contribute to an understanding of how CWW can lead to more equitable opportunities and outcomes for students.

What does study participation entail? 

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To participate in the CWW Impact Study, you will choose a CWW minicourse of interest that aligns with your students’ grade level. Half of the participating Teacher Fellows will be selected by lottery to implement the course with Lead Teacher support in spring 2024. The other half will have an opportunity to implement the same or similar course in fall 2024. All Teacher Fellows will participate in data collection in spring 2024. Data collection activities will include two teacher surveys and two student surveys. Additional data will be collected with those implementing the course, including a teacher interview, a student focus group, and a CWW implementation observation.

Why use a lottery to decide when Teacher Fellows begin
using the CWW curriculum?

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The lottery system serves multiple purposes. First, it allows a Lead Teacher to provide high-quality support to two Teacher Fellows matched with them each spring and fall. Second, the staggered implementation of the CWW curriculum allows us to validate the impact of the CWW initiative using the “gold standard” research design, a randomized controlled trial (RCT) study. This design allows us to make causal inferences about CWW’s direct impact on the student learning experience. Third, it will also provide critical information to help CWW improve and refine the program over time using lessons learned.

What are the benefits of study participation?

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The CWW Impact Study offers the opportunity to be a CWW Teacher Fellow in either spring 2024 or fall 2024 with added benefits. During the study, Teacher Fellows receive free project-based, innovative, culturally responsive curriculum to keep and use in the future and coaching to support implementation from an experienced Lead Teacher. Teacher Fellows who sign up now will receive a $500 honorarium, including a $50 gift card and a $450 donation to your classroom or school to honor their time for participating in data collection activities in spring 2024. You will also receive priority notification and access to CWW coursework and be recognized as a Teacher Fellow on the CWW website and with CWW’s network of partners.

Questions? Please direct inquiries to Debra Rodriguez, Director of Outreach for the

CWW Impact Study, at

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The American Institutes for Research® (AIR®) is partnering with CWW, along with the CERES Institute for Children & Youth
at Boston University and the Rennie Center, to implement and conduct a study of CWW.

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