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Shanae Paulino

Senior Program Manager

Shanae Paulino joins the Campus Without Walls team ready and excited for her new role as Senior Program Manager. She hails from California, where she started her journey as an educator over 10 years ago. As someone who grew up being one of the few people of color in her educational settings, Shanae was involuntarily given a specific lens in which to view the world and consequently in which to view herself as a Puerto Rican and African American woman. To that end, Shanae would not be where she is today without the tireless ways in which her mentors before her empowered her to find her voice as a strong woman with incredible ambition and a heart for others. 

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Shanae has worked in the education field in different capacities. Namely, as a high school educator and teacher leader for Boston Public Schools and formerly as the manager of a youth program called FutureProfits, teaching a financial literacy curriculum to 600 under-resourced students a week and providing ongoing training to 40 adult volunteers.

Shanae is drawn to her role with Campus Without Walls because she believes that equitable education is one of the keys to a flourishing future. People don’t know what they don’t know. If what people don’t know results from inequitable access to knowledge and resources, then those people have been unjustly served, as evidenced by the grave number of underserved individuals within our school systems. That is not ok. She looks forward to being in her new position, where she will have the opportunity to respond to educational injustices by partnering with key stakeholders to expand the reach of the Campus Without Walls program.

Shanae holds a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology from San Diego Christian College and a Master’s degree in Teacher Leadership from Walden University. On a personal level, Shanae is a weight-lifting enthusiast, a coffee connoisseur (Philz Coffee in the California Bay Area is her absolute favorite!), and a creative mind. She also has a knack for and enjoys painting ceramics, and in her free time, she daydreams about the day when she can own a dog.

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