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Elizabeth (Liz) Fernandes

Global Learning Charter

Elizabeth Fernandes is an English Language Development Teacher at Global
Learning Charter School in New Bedford, Massachusetts. She is an experienced
educator committed to working towards equity and academic excellence for all
students, not only through her career, but in her community. Elizabeth is currently in
her twelfth year of teaching. Although her journey as an educator started with
teaching kindergarten, she has had the opportunity to teach and mentor students in
all grade levels K-12. In addition to teaching she serves as the Bridge Coordinator of
the Upward Bound Program through the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
which provides support and opportunities for low-income and potential
first-generation college students and veterans to prepare for and succeed in higher
education. In her role as Bridge Coordinator she recruits and aids students in grades
8 through 12 in the college admissions process. She is also currently serving as a
WIDA Fellow Instructional Expert. In this role she serves as a classroom
implementation expert and critical collaborator to the WIDA professional learning
design team. As a first-generation Cape Verdean American and first-generation
College graduate, she has a passion for social justice and advocating for immigrants,
especially multilingual students, and youth who are economically underrepresented.
Elizabeth strives to be a community advocate that empowers and brings together
students, families, and the school community.

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