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Quinn Soto

Boston Day and Evening

Quinn is an experienced math teacher at Boston Day and Evening Academy. He
began his career in education over 15 years ago, inspired by an experience he had
in high school calculus. While all of the students were computationally fluent, many
lacked the ability to engage in any authentic discourse about what they were doing,
to create meaningful mathematical models, or to relate what they memorized to
other mathematical concepts. Many of them learned that calculus is just a bunch of
procedures and formulas. Reflecting on this experience as a senior in high school
led Quinn to believe he wanted to teach calculus. His goal was to provide students
with an education that allowed them to authentically explore and engage with
mathematics. In college and shortly after, Quinn worked with two mathematics
education programs that shaped his approach to teaching: the Bridge to Calculus
(BtC) program, which indirectly led him to a dedication to middle-school
mathematics, and the Young People’s Project (YPP), which inspired his passion for
and expertise in near-peer mentoring and experiential learning.
Over the past ten years, Quinn Soto has taught middle school and high school math
in Boston Public Schools. Through this time, Quinn has challenged his students to a
high standard of learning through a philosophy of independent, student-led thinking.

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